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Predict the Playoffs with Pensburgh

The playoffs are here and that means it’s time for the NHL Bracket Challenge. Join the Pensburgh staff and fellow readers in a friendly competition to see who can correctly pick how the playoffs will pan out.


You may hate the way the NHL sets up its playoff format and there are plenty a valid criticisms to go around, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun with it.

Utilizing a bracket format has given the NHL a unique way to promote its product and has taken advantage with the NHL Bracket Challenge.

(A quick look at the bracket in case you haven’t seen it yet.)

Everyone here at Pensburgh likes to have a little fun and interact with our readers so we created a Pensburgh group on the NHL’s website where you can sign up and take your best shot at guessing how the Stanley Cup playoffs will play out.

You will have a chance to go head-to-head with fellow Pensburgh readers and site staff if you decide to join. Just make sure to keep the trash talk respectable. We’re all friends here.

All you will need is a computer and an account to sign up.

You can find our group here. (No password required)

Best of luck to everyone and we hope to see you in the group.