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PensBrew and hot takes too: Fishin around on social media

Decoding the latest trend between Jake Guentzel and Kris Letang on instagram

Pittsburgh Penguins v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

(With Penguins news dying down for the summer, the usual morning Pens Points post that we all know and love is on its summer hiatus now. Great work to Garrett and Robbie who never missed so much as a day or had any issues reliably bringing you news for the morning, so thanks guys!..But fret not, every morning we’ll have something fun for you.

..And player report cards will probably start as soon as next week, so we will have you covered with plenty of content and coverage in the weeks to follow.)

A post shared by Jake Guentzel (@jakenbake20) on

Typical looking picture from Jake Guentzel’s instagram, right? The legend of the fishing emoji grows. Just check out the top comments.

If you’re not a millennial you might be asking the significance of this? At first glance it seems to have come from an inside joke between Guentzel and Kris Letang that has grown all season. It’s a way to joke a buddy for a shameless attempt at going fishing for easy likes, new follows and comments from a shallow or self-aggrandizing type of post like the one Guentzel made.

It’s a social world, you have to own it and go with it.