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Phil Friday: Highlights galore

Phil Kessel taking you into the weekend with looking back on some highlight videos

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Phil Friday’s ladies and gents.

How about a highlight video to take you into the weekend, Phil Kessel style.

That was the first time I’ve probably watched Pens videos in a month+ and it looked good to see Phil flying around and scoring goals.

Oh, and in as the world turns, it looks like we had more information this week from GM Jim Rutherford that (of course) Phil will be staying put in Pittsburgh

“I think [any rift between Kessel/Sullivan] will be resolved,” Rutherford said. “Will they get together for a special meeting? I’m not sure that’s necessary at this point. If it is, they’ll figure that out themselves. Knowing Phil the way I know him, knowing [Mike] the way I know him and their passion for winning, when they come back to camp, it’ll be business as usual.”

Which is always encouraging to hear- because coming off a 34-goal, 92-point season “business as usual” means more success for Kessel and the Pens when next season starts.