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All of Sidney Crosby’s “baseball” goals in time for the MLB All-Star game

A highlight reel of some of Sidney Crosby’s most fun goals

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at New Jersey Devils Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

With the Pittsburgh Pirates on a four game winning steak to enter the All-Star game (woot woot) what better way to celebrate the mid-summer classic than by going back and looking at some baseball style goals by Sidney Crosby? Related: thankfully it’s “mid-summer” now which means you can almost hear ruts being cut into a fresh sheet of ice and whistles blowing for the start of NHL training camp.

That’s a fun trip down memory lane. Those goals are just so ridiculously coordinated, the first time maybe it’s a fluke. The second time, man this guy is luxky. But to see this become basically a repeatable skill to swat pucks out of mid-air and into the net is no fluke at all.

Speaking of Sid and other sports, the Penguins captain got to play some tennis earlier in the month when he was in England with the ridiculously tall John Isner. Isner was impressed.

He’ll stick to hockey (lucky for us) but there probably isn’t too much athletically that Crosby couldn’t do.