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Happy 4th of July!

Pensburgh pauses to celebrate independence

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Nashville Predators at Pittsburgh Penguins Don Wright-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Wednesday to all our international friends. And to the good old residents of the US of A, happy Independence Day!

Here’s a picture I liked that I took at a Penguins game during the anthem

Stars and Stripes forever let’s go pens

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And since it’s like 2 days old (which is 100 years in internet time) here’s a funny story from Tyler Bozak on America’s favorite son Phil Kessel

>Phil and I had the same interests. A lot of nights you’d find us on the couch, watching a game with Stella.

Stella is a goldendoodle, the light of Phil’s life.

I got to know Stella after Phil asked me if I wanted to be roommates. It was a few years after I got to Toronto, and the way he did it was totally Phil. He just said, “So you wanna live together or something, or…?” I wasn’t going to say no — he had a sick apartment downtown. It was a no-brainer.

Some nights I’d be in another room in our place and I’d hear Phil’s voice.

“No, no, I just didn’t play well tonight. Yeah, I dunno really …”

I’d walk into the room, and he’d be in mid-conversation with Stella.

I understood why. Sometimes I did the same thing — Stella was a good listener and a big hockey fan.>

And one more reminder that while Phil may have a silver medal and 2 wonderful Stanley Cups, he’s not the golden one of the family...

Olympics: Ice Hockey-Women Team Final - USA-CAN Andrew Nelles-USA TODAY Sports

Happy 4th, celebrate fun and responsibly and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!