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Sunday Sunday: Phil speaks, the newest little Letang arrives

Sunday summer time

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Kessel makes some rare offseason public comments with his friend and poker star Daniel Negraneau

“Looks like the Penguins,” Phil said when asked where he thought he’d be playing this season. Better luck next year, Pittsburgh media.


Evgeni Malkin with the man of the match award from yesterday’s World Cup game, Luca Modric. Geno was at all the Russian games cheering for his home land and surely would have wished to be with a countryman here, but alas it was Croatia advancing to the semifinals in penalty shots, err kicks.


The world has one more Letang in it today, as Kris and his wife and son recently welcomed a baby girl into the world’s most photogenic family.

Congrats to the Letangs! Happy Sunday!