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Jamie Oleksiak visits Ecuador capital for ‘inspiring’ charity work

The newly re-signed defenseman posted about his trip to Quito, Ecuador and what the experience meant to him.

Photo By Jamie Oleksiak via Instagram

Over the past weekend, resident do-gooder Jamie Oleksiak elected to embark on a charity excursion in Quito, Ecuador to both help out a great cause and experience the culture of a nation he describes as “unique, resilient, and inspiring.”

Per his Instagram post, the newly re-signed defenseman was humbled to have met and worked with the folks he did in Ecuador’s capital city through the ME to WE program, and mentioned how humbling the entire trip was as a whole. Oleksiak’s compliments of Ecuadorian culture mirror how much of an impact it had on him.

For a little background, the ME to WE charity organization takes a bucket-list travel plan and morphs it into a meaningful experience highlighted by an act of service to those less fortunate and in poverty. Oleksiak’s decision to join this trip to Quito to help out a country in need reflects a lot on his character and gives fans an even deeper reason to root for him.

It’s really inspiring to see these guys in a different light — especially one that gives back and makes a big difference in someone else’s life. Stick tap to the “Big Rig” for an uplifting act.