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Video of Sidney Crosby summer training, Brian Dumoulin wedding pics surface

Monday News: fresh videos of Sid training in Nova Scotia are out, and Brian Dumoulin got married over the weekend!

NHL: Nashville Predators at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

If you need a fix of Sidney Crosby playing hockey, check out this video of his recent summer training in Nova Scotia. You can get glimpses of his buddy Nathan MacKinnon training as well. Sid’s goal at the 1:46 mark is a beaut.

You know it’s August when every detail is fun to watch. The drill around the 2:50 minute mark in traffic to control the puck, keep possession, and get a shot on net is good. Just watching the cross-unders and him wind up speed through the neutral zone is a thing of beauty at this point. The Captain looks fast, strong, and fit out there. We really need it to be fall already.


It’s been a long time since we’ve had a personal, heated, and hated rivalry boil over in hockey. Maybe the Detroit-Colorado days? Perhaps Pittsburgh-Philly from 2012 era, or Penguins-Islanders from 2010-11. However, none of that was as personal and pointed as the beef going on right now between Ryan Kesler and Ryan Johansen. There’s been no love lost between these two on the ice, and randomly now they’re chirping at it each other publicly on Twitter, which you almost never see from players in pro hockey.

The first Ducks vs. Predators game of the season is Monday, November 12. There might be some fireworks in that one.


In an ever-expanding social media world is there a line of decency or expectation of privacy? I don’t know, and it can be odd, but the pictures are out there, so congrats to Brian Dumoulin on his wedding this weekend. It’s pretty cool to see some old faces like Chris Kunitz, Ian Cole, and Scott Wilson pop up here. Conor Sheary too, but he hasn’t been gone long enough to miss yet. Also, there were current teammates like Crosby and chug brother Justin Schultz. I was somewhat surprised Sid took the weekend off from training to attend. (Kidding...kinda).

It feels a little TMZ-ish to post, but it’s the offseason, and pictures were posed and posted for the world to see. Congrats to Dumo and his new wife; it looked like a nice party!