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Matt Murray unveils new paint job on 2018-19 goalie mask

Murray recently got some new digs in the form of a gorgeous mask paint job. Is the return of the “Robo Penguin” upon us?

Photo by Artist Stephane Bergeron

Two-time Stanley Cup champion Matt Murray unveiled Tuesday night the newest paint job for his 2018-19 goalie mask:

For this season, he included the Penguins’ current logo washed in gray, split in half by a thick, gold stripe with a silhouette of the Pittsburgh skyline inside. We’ve only seen pictures of the front of the mask, begging the question of whether or not Murray still plans to adorn the Scottish and Dutch flags on the back. A wild guess says he’ll keep that great, little addition to honor his parents’ heritages.

However, the most interesting feature on this mask is the seemingly obvious decision to include what looks like the 1992-2002-era “Robo Penguin” logo on each side. Many media members and fans alike are taking this idea and running hard with it, unofficially confirming what could end up being the Penguins’ newest alternate sweater. It sure seems like the perfect timing for Pittsburgh’s third jersey reveal, no?

Only time will tell. The announcement can’t come soon enough.