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Penguins 2019 Stadium Series Jerseys: Prepare for the NHL’s version of color rush

Get ready for a lot of yellow in the Pens’ newest jersey

We’re starting to get more details on the Penguins’ jerseys that they’ll wear to play outdoors next month against the Philadelphia Flyers. It’s going to be hefty on the yellow:

We don’t see everything yet, but it looks like it will be a black jersey and then heavy on yellow with no real white visible in any of the logos.

This concept brings to mind a play off the NFL’s polarizing “color rush” theme where their teams would use crazy and zany new shades of their team’s colors for the special Thursday night games.

The Flyers recently accidentally leaked and quickly deleted what their jersey is going to be because, lol they can’t even do that right. It’s a similar “color rush” theme heavy on a gross shade of orange and also had no white anywhere.

The Pens and Flyers clash at the 2019 NHL Stadium Series on Saturday, February 23.

Pittsburgh used a Steelers-equse jersey (especially in the jersey font number) when they defeated Philly in the 2017 Stadium Series at Heinz Field. That general concept has morphed a bit into the team’s current third jersey.

NHL: Stadium Series-Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

While the new one is going to have some yellow in it, there doesn’t look like there’s going to be any white which will be an interesting idea indeed. As of now, the Pens aren’t expected to use their 2019 Stadium Series jerseys again.