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Evgeni Malkin honors hometown Magnitogorsk on skates in win over Rangers

Geno lets his hometown know he’s thinking of them after a disaster as the Penguins played the New York Rangers.

Evgeni Malkin’s skates via @penguins

Tragedy struck the hometown of Evgeni Malkin on New Year’s Eve, when a fairly large apartment building in Magnitogorsk partially exploded and collapsed. Unfortunately 31 people have been confirmed as dead, with more still missing and the worst feared. Amazingly, an 11-month-old child was pulled out of the rubble alive after surviving for 35 hours in below freezing conditions.

As a sign to let everyone know he was thinking of them in the wake of the horrible event, Malkin used a silver marker to inscribe a special message on the skates he wore Wednesday night against the New York Rangers.

So with “Magnitogorsk we are with you” written on one skate and “Magnitogorsk you are in my heart” on the other, the proud city’s favorite son went out half a world away and scored a goal and added an assist in a 7-2 Penguins win.

It can’t stop the tragedy that’s already happened, but Evgeni Malkin certainly is an emotional man that cares about where he came from and will never forget it either. He went out with a heavy heart and represented well, earning the game’s second star of the night.