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BREAKING: Penguins bulk roster depth with three young promising prospects

The youth movement keeps rolling through Pittsburgh, as the team signs three highly-touted prospects to one-day contracts.

Photo by Matt Vensel/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In a move that’ll potentially put the Penguins’ backs against the cap, GM Jim Rutherford announced Saturday that the team has signed three, promising young prospects to one-day contracts.

Wyatt, Kenneth, and Jonathan have been making a splash in the younger leagues, proving to the organization that it’d be a mistake not to bring on such skilled players with high hockey I.Q.’s and a desire to develop into true, top-tier NHL talent.

“We’re really honored to have you guys here today,” Rutherford said in his press conference. “I know this is a big day for you to sign with the Penguins, but it’s a big day for us too. We look forward to getting you signed here as our prospects.”

The newly-acquired roster members were each shown where to sign on the dotted line, and with one swift flick of their pens, made the start of their professional careers with the Penguins official.

“Good luck to you guys,” said Rutherford, no doubt excited to meet with Mike Sullivan and begin their development to see where the head coach he can ultimately slot them into the lineup. They’ve already toured the practice facility at Cranberry, got in a few reps in with the boys on the ice, and met with team captain Sidney Crosby for breakfast in the locker room.

We’re just past the halfway point of the season, and with the Penguins riding a stellar eight-game win streak, Rutherford is puffing his chest and stocking up on all the available, highly-touted youngsters eligible for the big league. These signings will be fun to re-visit come the trade deadline, where the confident GM usually makes a lot of noise.

“I’m glad to be a Pittsburgh Penguin,” said 14-year-old sled hockey sniper Kenneth of Colorado. “For me, it’s a really, really good feeling because I actually love this team.”

Kenneth’s teammate Jonathan, 12, also expressed his excitement: “You probably know how I feel because I’m speechless.”

With all the skill these three gentlemen bring to the table, it’ll surely make for some interesting moves come trading season. The Penguins are currently second in the Metro standings and are working towards a high playoff seeding. These players will bring speed, strength, determination, and wit to an already surging team.

Great to have them on board!