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Would someone in Wilkes-Barre please sell Emil Larmi a car already?

The Finnish goalie is having some difficulty purchasing a car in America

As a 23-year old in a new country, Emil Larmi has needs. His biggest one at the moment looks to be finding a set of wheels to tool around the lovely vistas of Wilkes-Barre and Scranton. But he’s having some difficulties securing a new ride, which have dated back to Saturday:

First problem might be sending emails. Pick up a phone and make a call, what a millennial move? (Yeah, I get it, he’s probably more comfortable communicating via written word).

Unfortunately, Larmi’s troubles didn’t end on Saturday and yesterday he took to his native Finnish to vent some more.

The automatic translation is weird but does that mean he wants to buy a car, but instead sadly had to take an uber to a Starbucks or something on his day off? That’s such a sad visual.

As of Monday night, Larmi’s search of a dealer that would work with him might be over!

Larmi is a fun follow, being as he’s the rare hockey player with an outwardly glowing personality and still young enough to be happy to be there and also makes some great corny jokes.

The Penguins have noticed and already written an article about Larmi’s fun-loving social media presence:

In an internal survey where Penguins players were asked, “Who is your favorite follow on social media?” Larmi wrote, “Me.”

”It’s just fun,” Larmi said with a laugh.

That’s how his teammates and coaches would describe his personality, which shines through on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts - where he uses the handle @emillarmi for both.

Fingers crossed that Larmi figures out how to get in contact with someone that can help him purchase a vehicle and this saga will be over. But something tells me the fun of watching him experience his first hockey season in America will be just as interesting as the year goes on.