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Kris Letang’s remarkable patience and stick handling helped lead the Penguins to victory last night against the Stars

The Penguins star defenseman showed off some nifty moves in the win against Dallas

NHL: OCT 18 Stars at Penguins Photo by Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Four. That’s the answer. What is the question though, you may ask? The question is: “how many ankles did Kris Letang break last night en route to his first goal of the game?”

My goodness.

The Penguins and Stars were tied 1-1 partially through the third period — until Kris Letang broke that tie.

A routine play in the corner, with Sidney Crosby, Jake Guentzel, and Dominik Simon resulted in the puck being kicked out to the middle of the ice.

The process-based Dominik Simon makes a smart play, rather than forcing a low-danger chance on net, he kicks the puck out to Kris Letang near the dot.

Letang takes control of the puck, and rather firing a puck through and towards traffic in front of the net, he weighs his options.

First step: break Joe Pavelski’s ankles. Whoops.

Second step: break Tyler Seguin’s ankles. Whoops 2.0.

With both defenders in front of the net focused in on Guentzel and Crosby allow Letang the time to push further in on Khudobin, and just like that — the tie was broken.