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Do you like delicious cocktails? Do you also like attending Penguins games? If so, a healthy marriage exists!

Mike Lange’s influence is now changing the cocktail game in PPG Paints Arena

2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Two Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Let’s hypothetically say you enjoy going to see Penguins games at PPG Paints Arena. Let’s also go ahead and hypothetically say that you enjoy having a nice adult beverage at said Penguins games. Sometimes, your garden variety beverages just don’t cut it, and you’d like to try something new.

Enter Owen’s Craft Mixers into the foray. At PPG Paints Arena, you can now happily entertain yourself with a craft cocktail to enjoy at a game.

There are four varieties of flavors with two different kinds of cocktails (ideally to be made with vodka or rum), and as you can see, a double cocktail ordered sends you home with a nice souvenir glass! Who doesn't enjoy those? Personally speaking, my cabinet is full of souvenir glasses.

The cocktails really are good, though. The Rented Mule featuring the ginger beer and lime mixer is delicious. One can only hope that it has Mike Lange’s blessing.