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Jack Johnson is an all star....At stocking the Penguins’ holiday auction basket

Old Double J has some great gifts and prizes in his holiday charity auction basket this year

Arizona Coyotes v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Joe Sargent/NHLI via Getty Images

Say what you will about him on the ice, but there’s no doubt about one thing with Jack Johnson — you probably want to be on the receiving end of gifts from him.

In the Penguins’ holiday charity basket auction drive, Johnson’s gift list brings the absolute heat this year. Most baskets are pretty standard, maybe a signed jersey or a hat, probably a puck, a mini hockey stick set and some other assorted goodies. Basic stuff — though a few include tickets to future games, which is always cool. All the proceeds are going to Pennies from Heaven, a local nonprofit organization that helps to ease financial hardships for parents with children admitted to UPMC Children;s Hospital of Pittsburgh. You can check it all out here:

But when you get Johnson’s basket, standard fare goes out the window. His literally stocked his with thousands of dollars worth of items to presumably get out of Pittsburgh (or winter somewhere) and join the Pens in Florida this upcoming February.

Buying $500 worth of tickets for the Panthers should probably put you right behind the coaches I would imagine too.

But, jokes aside, cool way for Johnson to stock his basket with a great prize, which will be bound to raise a lot of money for a worthy charity to make it a happy holiday season for everyone.