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Adidas unveils Penguins’ and Flyers’ 2019 Stadium Series jerseys

They’re officially here.

Photo via Adidas Hockey

After all the rumors of the NFL “Color Rush” format making headway into the NHL, and the numerous teasers and leaks of what this year’s Stadium Series uniforms would ultimately look like, Adidas finally unveiled the Penguins’ and Flyers’ 2019 jerseys, and they’re exactly what we expected.

Just like the Pittsburgh Steelers’ all black and gold alternate uniforms, the Penguins will also be devoid of the color white throughout their entire ensemble. The traditional logo, numbers, and names are all gold, the sleeves contain a gold stripe at the elbows, and the socks have a gold stripe as well, but the rest is strictly black, including the helmet.

Philadelphia will don a uniform that can only be described as a giant blob of orange cut by black trim and black nameplates, also devoid of the color white. The biggest eye sore is the Flyers’ logo, which is all black and truly appears to look like what a junior league or practice jersey would.

One of the cooler little touches on this jersey though is the famous Badger Bob Johnson saying “It’s a Great Day for Hockey” stitched into the back neckline of the Pittsburgh jerseys. The Flyers’ jerseys, where they don’t exactly have much to celebrate in the last 40-plus years, simply reads “Philly.”

While it’s true the league tries to make a statement with the Stadium Series by creating non-traditional jerseys with big numbers that reflect the character of the teams’ respective cities and franchises (that would also be able to be seen clearly from the stands), these are truly out there. However, with the obvious caveat of bias, Pittsburgh’s uniform actually isn’t as bad as Philly’s, and they might actually look pretty decent under the lights.


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