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Nick Bjugstad to be featured on NHL Network Saturday

The Penguins’ center is going to be part of a feature on NHL players from Minnesota.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Columbus Blue Jackets Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

For Penguins fans looking for something to turn the TV to this coming weekend, they may want to check out NHL Network. If you do, you’ll get to see a little segment on one of the Penguins players.

Nick Bjugstad is one of several players who are set to be featured on a series titled “Minnesota Natives.”

One of the things he’ll specifically be showing off is his wrist shot, featured here with NHL Network analyst Brian Lawton.

When asked about his shot with Lawton, Bjugstad was able to elaborate on it a bit.

“You start with the heel up, pull it in and you’re going to continue it on your toe, and follow through. …All I have to focus on is getting my head over the top of it and following through pointing to your target.”

It’s always neat and interesting to see professional players make things look so easy and legitimately second nature to them.