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Meet the Avenguins, Hockey’s Mightiest Heroes

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Your favorite Penguins don their superhero alter egos to lace up their skates and defend their home ice against all who challenge them.

NHL: Washington Capitals at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

You may or may not be aware, but Marvel Studios is releasing its newest blockbuster today titled Avengers: Endgame. To celebrate, we here at Pensburgh thought it would be a neat idea to reimagine our favorite hockey players as superheroes. Some were obvious and you will see why, but others took a little imagination to bring to life. Regardless, we hope you enjoy your favorite Penguins taking on the role of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Sidney Crosby, Captain America (Sorry, Canada)

Mike Darnay

Yes, yes I know. Sidney Crosby is Canadian and he’s won a bunch of trophies at the international level for Canada but there is no Captain Canada in the Marvel Universe so this will have to suffice.

Not only is Crosby the captain of the Penguins, he also shares many attributes with Steve Rodgers. Poise, leadership, and determination are all aspects of Cap’s personality and they fit well with with Crosby as well. Both are quiet and reserved but ready to lead their respective squads into battle when called upon.

Evgeni Malkin, Hulk

Mike Darnay

Don’t make Hulk angry, you won’t like him when he’s angry.

That line of thinking also applies to Malkin who can transform from a relatively quiet person to a raging smash machine in an instant when angered. A prime example from this season, he was skating peacfully to the bench when Michael Raffl engaged, sending Geno into a fit of madness that ended with him suspended for swinging his stick at Raffl’s skull.

Phil Kessel, Iron Man

Mike Darnay

Genius, billionaire, playboy, PHILanthropist? Those adjectives may not be used to describe Phil Kessel but there is no question he is the Penguins iron man. Playing in 774 consecutive games (839 if you count playoffs), Kessel has never missed a game as a member of the Penguins. In fact, his last missed game was back in November 2009, his first season with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Jake Guentzel, Spider-Man

Robbie Naugle

Much like Peter Parker himself, Guentzel joined an already loaded group of players when he was called up to the NHL back in 2016. He quickly became formed a bond with team leader Sidney Crosby, who took him under his wing and allowed him to grow and develop into one of the best goal scorers in the NHL. A fresh face among a crowd a veteran players, Guentzel has established himself as a key part of the Penguins roster.

Patric Hornqvist, Thor

Mike Darnay

Only fitting that our favorite Nordic resident takes on the role of the Norse god of thunder. Hornqvist mimics Thor in both looks and the way he plays the game, throwing his body around using his size to his advantage. Hornqvist must have a little Asgardian in his bloodline.

Kris Letang, Star Lord

Robbie Naugle

The risk taker of the bunch, Letang makes decisions in the heat of the moment that pay off more times than they don’t. Occasionally, Letang allows his emotion to overtake him, resulting in a predictably bad outcome. What he lacks in temperament he makes up for in looks, however.

Bryan Rust, Ant-Man

Robbie Naugle

Small and elusive, Rust is able to get in and out of areas where others may struggle. Rust may not be able to shrink down to insect size but he is pain for opposing defenses, using his speed to slip around defenders without notice.

Matt Murray, Black Widow

Robbie Naugle

A calming presence on the ice even in the most chaotic of situations. Murray never rattles in the face of adversity and can be relied upon to perform on the biggest stages. He is the glue holding the whole project together, if he falls, so does everyone else around him.

Jared McCann, Hawkeye

Mike Darnay

A stabilizing force who can complement anyone he plays alongside. His speed and aggressiveness make him a valuable asset on the ice and he’s starting to develop a nice sniping ability that will hopefully continue to grow as he learns.

Brian Dumoulin, War Machine

Robbie Naugle

Reliable as they come, Dumoulin can be counted upon in almost any situation. He’s a veteran who has worked his way into the core of the group, becoming nearly indispensable in the process.

Nick Bjugstad, Groot

Robbie Naugle

Tall and lanky, Bjugstad stands out among his peers thanks to his overwhelming size and stature. Standing at 6’6”, Bjugstad is the tallest player on the roster and has the game to go along with it. He can be deployed in many situations and provide a positive impact on the ice.

Mike Sullivan, Nick Fury

With the squad assembled, we now meet our fearless leader behind the bench. Mike Sullivan has successfully guided the Penguins to the hockey holy land twice, defeating all foes who dare challenge his mighty squad.

Alex Ovechkin, Thanos

Robbie Naugle

Every team us superheroes needs an enemy to fight, and no one has been a bigger thorn in the Penguins side than Alex Ovechkin, leader of the Washington Capitals. For years, Ovechkin has done battle with Crosby and the Penguins, and each time watched his fiercest rivals prevail. After years of trying, Ovechkin was able to prevail, vanquishing the Penguins and winning the ultimate prize. It’s now up to the Penguins to avenge their defeat should they meet again.