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Pens Points: Changes All Around?

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A coach may be out the door, fans aren’t opposed to trading stars, and there are more misses than hits when it comes to foreign talent. All that and more in today’s Pens Points!

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here are your Pens Points for this Friday morning...

Could another Pittsburgh coach be on his way to Buffalo to coach the Sabres? [Pensburgh]

Much has been made about which players are to be traded to change the Penguins once again. And we here at Pensburgh are no different, giving you our list of the players who are most likely to be leaving the Steel City. [Pensburgh]

The prospect cupboard is pretty bare for the Pens, and they can’t rely on every prospect to become a major impact player. [Trib Live]

European free agent signings have not been kind to the Penguins over the last several years. [Trib Live]

Nearly a quarter of Penguins fans open to possibility of trading Phil Kessel. Let it be known that this Penguins blogger is not one of those fans. [Post-Gazette]

News and notes from around the NHL...

Jack Hughes, the number one prospect for the 2019 NHL Draft, had a record-breaking day at the IIHF World Under-18 Championship. [ESPN]

The NHL has apologized to the Vegas Golden Knights for the incorrect major penalty call during Tuesday night’s Game 7 loss to the San Jose Sharks. [Sports Illustrated]

With the Penguins out, this becomes an important question: which team’s bandwagon are you hopping on? [CBC]