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What can we expect the Islanders to bring from a systems standpoint?

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Once again, a Barry Trotz-led team is going to try to clog up the middle of the ice.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at New York Islanders Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We know that the Islanders play a structured game — but what can we expect?

It’s interesting to see how Barry Trotz’s coaching and system have transformed (as good coaches do) from a Capitals team that was able to shut down the middle of the ice against the Penguins to an Islanders team who clog the middle in their own end and force you to the outside.

Seeing this type of game plan I think is a good starting point. Shoot often, shoot from all angles, and get traffic in front of the net. Yes, that’s right, that is Patric Hornqvist’s music that you hear.

I find it interesting to see the Islanders with the higher percentage (51 percent) here, mainly due to the raw talent. Combine that with the long stretch of poor possession metrics for Johnny Boychuk and Nick Leddy (who are likely to face Sidney Crosby), and I think the Penguins’ chances are much better than a coin flip.

Much as they like to keep things to the outside in the defensive zone, the Islanders also have a particular way they like to attack the net in the offensive zone, and it revolves around a lot of shots from the right point using a defenseman. This is something the Penguins will surely be studying up on and working towards having someone tracking that spot, getting sticks in lanes, getting bodies in front of pucks, and being ready to force the Islanders into changing things up a little bit.

I’ve personally got Penguins in six games. It all gets started Wednesday night.