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Charles Barkley shouts out Sidney Crosby as ‘the perfect superstar’

Sir Charles gave The Kid some love last night during the NBC broadcast.

Pittsburgh Penguins v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

For some unknown reason in the biggest hockey game of the year, NBC’s broadcast had former basketball star (and hockey fan) Charles Barkley on during the first intermission. When asked who Sir Charles would compare current NBA star player Kawhi Leonard to, Barkley shouted out the PenguinsSidney Crosby.

It makes sense. Leonard’s 30.9 points-per-game in these NBA Playoffs is right up there with the league leaders, as is his nine rebounds per game. Leonard has put the Toronto Raptors on his back and led them to currently within one game of winning an NBA championship, with a chance to win Game 6 tonight.

Leonard is probably more amusing as a player with such like phrases as the “board man gets paid” slogan that’s become a meme lately, it would be weird to think of Crosby spurting out little sayings like that, but as far as top players in their game at the moment, and being upstanding and great citizens away from competition, it looks like Barkley made a great comparison.