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Joe Haden rocks a Sidney Crosby jersey into Latrobe, Jake Guentzel still has a nasty backhand move

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New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

The arrival into training camp for NFL players has become a huge statement in recent years. Some players pull up in exotic cars or jacked up trucks for shock and awe. Some wear ridiculous outfits. It’s always interesting to see how everyone expresses themselves on their entry into the season.

For Steelers’ cornerback Joe Haden, he rolled into Latrobe wearing a Sidney Crosby jersey after getting out of a Rolls Royce, while wearing retro black-and-gold Jordans.

Haden isn’t the only NFL player recently to wear a Crosby jersey, the Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker Jaylon Smith wore one as well. And I’m not sure if it was an intentional troll job, but this was at an autograph signing in Northern Virginia in the heart of his rival’s, another team that plays in Washington DC. (Smith, like Crosby, is excellent at usually defeating DC area teams - he has a 5-1 career record versus the R-words. Sid, btw, is 43-25-6 all-time against the Capitals).

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Ryan Shazier has worn a Kris Letang jersey, Brett Kiesel’s worn a million different ones, “Big Snack” Casey Hampton unfortunately I can’t find wearing a jersey so I believe this is the complete history of NFL players wearing a Sid jersey. Oh wait, should we count Mike Tomlin? I’m going to, just because it’s bound to piss someone off (and also because the kid at the left corner of the picture really made me laugh out loud).

It’s the dead of summer so that means it’s Da Beauty League szn, which means Jake Guentzel is back to doing Jake Guentzel things.

Confirmed: this move also works in the show, although slightly sped up and with a little more velocity on the shot. I wonder if next year he’ll be cheeky enough to just let the puck roll off his stick and trickle into the net slowly like the DBL clip above, or if he’ll just make sure it definitely is going to have enough “oomph” to get over the line for his real job.

Could watch that sweet, silky backhand move all day, this time with the puck lifted instead of going five-hole.

A couple of ex-Penguins’ players in Ryan Malone and Paul Bissonnette were on hand for the action this week as well. No word is Edina is still in one piece after the mayhem that followed.

And I think that’s about all we got on a Friday. If I missed any NFL players wearing Sidney Crosby jerseys, shame on me for six weeks and please direct them to attention so they can be added to the log.