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A celebrity Pittsburgh Penguins fan lineup

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We got Batman!

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Tampa Bay Lightning at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

A nod to the rascals at Broad Street Hockey for a good idea, here’s a lineup of famous people who are fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Goalie: Billy Gardell

The Swissvale native and comedian made big on shows like Mike and Molly is as Pittsburgh as it gets. A regular on DVE, Gardell loves to talk about the Steelers and Penguins and tweets about both as well. As a bigger guy, we’re employing the strategy to stick him in the net and hope he’ll keep pucks out or the opposition laughing when they’re in earshot.

Left Defense: Michael Keaton

He is Batman. Defender of all that is right, and in this case that’s playing defense for the Pens’ celebrity team.

Keaton no doubt has big time hockey fan credentials, shouting out the Pittsburgh Hornets (the AHL team that pre-dated the Penguins) while giving this great moment in 2016 at the NHL Awards with Sidney Crosby.

Plus, come on. He’s Batman.

Right Defense: Brett Keisel

As a two-time Super Bowl champion with the Steelers, Keisel had a great career playing defense and is at as many hockey games as anyone. He can be on our defense anytime, at 6’5 and 285 no one is going to want to go into a corner with the crazy bearded guy.

At this point with a long and successful playing career behind him, Keisel is becoming a local cult hero with his annual “Shear da Beard” charity efforts. And what a majestic beard it is.

Left Wing: Russell Crowe

Crowe has an interesting story on how he became a Pens’ fan. But, like so many of us, it involves Jaromir Jagr.

Crowe popped up at this year’s playoff game where he was not entertained during a Pens’ loss. (Sorry, couldn’t help it).

Hey, works for us!

Center: Joe Manganiello

The center of the team is aptly name. It’s the star player, the key piece of the puzzle. Everyone relies on the center and he has to be, well, the centerpiece. Yeah, this guy will do.

Manganiello also lent his vocal talents to narrate one of the absolute best documentaries, “Pittsburgh is home” detailing the turbulent yet triumphant history of the Pens.

Plus he hosted the NHL awards in 2017, days after the Pens’ back-to-back championship and pretty much just trolled the Flyers and the rest of the league at every available opportunity. What a guy!

Right Wing: Shawn Michaels

On anyone’s short list for the greatest in-ring performer of all time, Shawn Michaels and the Pens got together through Keisel (a hunting buddy). Michaels’ nickname from the early ‘90s on has been the Heartbreak Kid (HBK) which of course is famous to Pens’ fans for the Hagelin - Bonino - Kessel line that helped win two Stanley Cups in 2016 and 2017.

HBK was a magical time and it was a nice twist to have the original there to join in on the fun.


We already have a lineup, but this is too good to pass up using again. Plum Boro native Elias got some great heat on the Philadelphia crows last summer, suckering them out of no where by mentioning his “friend” Sidney Crosby and the lengthy Flyers Stanley Cup drought. A+ stuff, we will walk (and skate) with Elias anytime.

Pat McAfee

America’s favorite punter is actually retired from hockey after stepping on the ice one time with RJ Umberger and going top cheddar to score a goal on his first shot, only to leave on top and never come back. So we’ll pencil him in as the man on the street, garbage collector or whatever he’s doing in this hilarious interview and carve out a spot on the squad for him, even if he is the bad luck charm that seemingly only attends games that end up in losses.

Pretty cool that so many celebs and famous people are big Pens fans too, let us know your favorite ones or if we missed any.