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Kris Letang’s successful charity drive, Max Talbot staying busy in his retirement

Catching up with some Quebec summer news!

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

A little bit of news from north of the border. First of all (shoutout r/penguins) it looks like Max Talbot is keeping busy even though his hockey career has ended. As this (poor) translation from mentions his new job.

Maxime Talbot announced that he was retiring last June, but the old cliché that he hung his skates does not apply to him.

The former Gatineau Olympiques and Pittsburgh Penguins still wear them often, especially in his new role in the development of players with the agency CAA.

He was also going to play a game with former professionals Thursday when joined by Le Droit, and he will be at a match for the foundation of his friend Kristopher Letang Sunday, which will prevent him from participating in the Olympics game. planned at the Branchaud-Brière Complex.

”I’m still playing and I’m still training hard,” he said. But I’m mainly focusing on my work for Pat Brisson. After the draft in Vancouver, where I talked to some of the young people we represent, I went to our development camp in Los Angeles, working with Jim Hughes (father of first choice Jack) with 16-17 year olds mostly. In 10 days, I have another one in the corner of New York for older hopes. I like it so far, I’m learning a lot. “

Having ended a 15-year professional career after spending the last three seasons in Russia, Talbot is serene as training camps get underway in Europe. He was ready to move on to another stage of his life, what he calls “the first days of the rest of my life, and I have many more years ahead of me.”

”It would be a lie to say I will not be itching in September when I see my friends reporting to their training camps. But with three young children, the oldest of whom begins kindergarten this year, it was time to move on, says Talbot, who is married to former figure skater Cynthia Phaneuf. So we go home and I can not wait to live my first winter in Quebec since my years with the Olympics.”

Speaking of the aforementioned Kris Letang charity tournament, it looks like that was a successful event raising $150,000 in a 3v3 action — with the winners including the IslandersAnthony Beauvillier and the PanthersMike Matheson.

Looks like things are going well up in ol’ Quebec.