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Sidney’s Summer: A heartwarming story and some props from ESPN

A heartwarming Sidney Crosby story plus some more honors for the Penguins captain.

2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Everyone with a pulse knows about Sidney Crosby’s greatness on the ice. Over the course of his career, Crosby has won every award, individual or team, the game has to offer and he still has time to add to his collection in the future. One area that remains somewhat of a mystery to fans is his life away from the game.

Crosby is a notoriously private person and keeps most of his off the ice life to himself, staying away from social media and proving he’s smarter than the rest of us. Every once and awhile we get glimpses of how he spends his free time, like playing pickup with a Quebec teen last year, but for the most part Crosby lays low when he’s not lacing up the skates for the Penguins.

What we do know about Crosby the person usually comes from second hand stories of people recounting a moment with Crosby that stuck out to them. The latest story comes from Gord Miller of TSN during a radio hit with David Poulin on TSN Radio 1050 in Canada.

During his day with the Stanley Cup following the team’s 2016 championship, Crosby visited a local hospital in his hometown and shared the Cup with patients. When he found out one bed ridden patient could not join the festivities, Crosby took the Cup to him and helped his locate his favorite player, Rocket Richard, engraved on the iconic trophy.

This story illustrates the kind of person Crosby is, and tears down some of mystery about the type of person he is away from the ice. We are certainly glad Gord Miller took the time to share this story and shine a different light on the best player of his generation for all to see.

Shifting back to the on-ice Sidney Crosby, we mentioned above how Sid has collected just about every award or honor available to his during his illustrious career. Well now he needs to make some extra room in the trophy cabinet after ESPN named him the Hart Trophy winner for the past decade of hockey on Wednesday.

Since it’s a year ending in 9, outlets are beginning to compile their “Best of the Decade” lists and ESPN is getting an early jump with their hockey awards since this upcoming season will run into the new decade beginning in January. Crosby was bestowed the honor of being named the most valuable player over the past ten seasons, beating out Alex Ovechkin of the Capitals and Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks.


No player has accumulated more points since 2009-10 than Sidney Crosby’s 922 (Alex Ovechkin is second, with 901). Perhaps more impressive is Crosby’s 1.26 points per game...

This was not the only honor Crosby received on ESPN’s list, he also won “Best Goal” for his overtime goal against the United States at the 2010 Winter Olympics to win the gold medal on home ice.

Crosby took home a third decade honor from ESPN when the they placed him alongside side career rival Alex Ovechkin for the “Highest Q rating” among NHL players over the last decade. Q ratings are used to determine the popularity of athletes based on name and brand recognition. Using that definition, it’s easy to see why Crosby and Ovechkin were both honored as the two most recognizable players of the decade.


This has to be a tie between Crosby and Ovechkin -- no coincidence since the NHL and NBC marketing machine liked to play up their rivalry. Ask any random stranger over the past 10 years to name an NHL player, and these two guys had the best chances of being identified.

Interestingly, Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan was completely absent from the list of nominees for “Best Coach” after winning two Stanley Cups in the decade. The honor went to New Islanders bench boss Barry Trotz who beat out Joel Quenneville and John Tortorella.

Trotz certainly has a case for the honor, but it is somewhat mystifying that he beat out Quenneville for the top spot given Q’s run with the Blackhawks. It seems that Sullivan should have been placed above Tortorella in the very least, but I guess he will just have to settle for the Cup rings instead.