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Jake Guentzel tearing it up to take you into the weekend

Plus an art contest. Who doesn’t like an art contest?

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I swear Da Beauty League sort of started as a whisper or urban legend. Some high end summer league in Minnesota where pretty much all the NHL guys from that state ended up playing.

Now it’s got a big twitter footprint and has great highlights. And Jake Guentzel is tearing up, as usual. Not that a summer shinny league really matters, at all, but hey it’s August and there’s people on ice so this is about the best we could do right now.

I swear in like two years these games will be streamed live somewhere or on NHL Network, just you watch.

Is this good?

And now a contest from the Penguins. Gotta be the Mega Powers right? (Unless one of these is a reader, if so let me know an we’ll support!)