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Penguins 2019-20 Promotional nights and national TV appearances

Cleaning up some loose ends - when will you see the Pens on NBC and NBCSports? And also an interesting look at the promotions this year

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins-Championshp Parade Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

A few comments for notes not touched upon here, lest it slip through the August quietness.

Some pretty cool promo nights, highlighted by the Mike Lange bobblehead night. One thing I noticed is there’s nothing really for current players. Most years there’s usually a Sidney Crosby this or an Evgeni Malkin that or a Kris Letang thing, but other than Crosby appearing on the “growth chart” for the kids, nothing with individual players. Just the Lange bobblehead and a Jim Rutherford one.

Maybe this year is different to let things settle a bit, and you can’t do the same promotions every season, just an observation.

As usual and expected, the Penguins will be one of the teams highlighted the most by the NHL and their national broadcast partners. From the team:

The Penguins’ first national television appearance will be on Wednesday, October 16 when Nathan MacKinnon and the Colorado Avalanche visit PPG Paints Arena at 7:00 PM. That game is the first of six “Wednesday Night Hockey” showdowns the Penguins will play on NBC Sports Network in 2019-20.

One of the notable “Wednesday Night Hockey” matchups this upcoming season will occur on December 4 when the defending Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues visit Pittsburgh at 8:00 PM.

Pittsburgh is scheduled to make a league-high six appearances on NHL on NBC. The Penguins’ first NBC appearance will come on Sunday, January 19 when they visit the Boston Bruins at 12:30 PM in NBC’s “NHL Game of the Week.” All six of Pittsburgh’s NHL on NBC appearances will come on Sundays at 12 or 12:30 PM.

A weird schedule quirk is the two times the Pens go to Washington to face the Capitals in the 2019-20 regular season, it will be three weekends apart (Sunday February 2nd and 23rd) and both with afternoon starts.

Probably neither good nor bad but with six 12/12:30 starts, at least maybe they’ll have some practice getting out of the normal game day routines for early starts, right?