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Pens Points: Extra Day of Rest

Penguins enjoy an extra day off before facing the Avalanche on Friday night. You can catch up on the latest team news with today’s Pens Points to start your Thursday.

NHL: JAN 07 Penguins at Golden Knights Photo by: Marc Sanchez/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s always nice to get an extra off day during a long road trip and that is exactly what the Penguins will get today as they rest up before facing the Colorado Avalanche on Friday evening in Denver. After facing the Avalanche, the Penguins will head south for a meeting with the Arizona Coyotes on Sunday to wrap up their road trip.

Drop the puck on your Thursday with a fresh Pens Points...

It has been a rough stretch of play from Kris Letang in recent weeks, but against the Golden Knights he produced one of his best games of the season. Hopefully once Brian Dumoulin returns some of those mistakes slide by the wayside. [Pensburgh]

The window for the Penguins and defenseman Marcus Petersson to begin talking extension is now open and if the Rasmus Andersson deal in Calgary is any indication, Petersson is going to get what he deserves in his next deal. [Pensburgh]

If you are planning on attending a Penguins game in the second half of the season, there is plenty to look forward to on the schedule. Ten weekend home dates should open up some opportunities for more fans to attend and cheer on the home side. [Penguins]

It’s hard to believe there was a time when Brandon Tanev signing with the Penguins was considered a bad decision. His third period goal in Vegas was the difference as the Penguins hung on despite being badly outplayed. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Joseph Blandisi has been placed on waivers by the Penguins and will return to the AHL unless claimed by another team. While no corresponding move was announced, this could signal the imminent return of Sidney Crosby. [Trib Live]

Sidney Crosby was unquestionably the best player of the last decade and he was named as such. One of his biggest achievements came very early on in the 2010’s when he recorded a point in 25 straight games. [Penguins]

Despite all the injuries, the Penguins continue to roll along and pick up points in the standings along the way. They have asserted themselves as contenders and reinforcements are on the way that should help them down the stretch. [ESPN]

Players spend more time on the bench than on the ice during a regulation NHL game, but it’s not a place to simply waste time until your next shift. Between sucking air and going over video, the bench is no place for any downtime. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

News and notes from around the NHL...

With the NHL All-Star Game just a few weeks away, Adidas revealed the uniforms players will be wearing at the event in St. Louis. Each player will have a dark and light version featuring their team logo in their team specific color. [CBS Sports]

Rib crunching cross checks and other over the top physical play in front of the goal has come under greater scrutiny from NHL officials this season. With more penalties being called to limit the rough stuff, scoring has jumped up yet again. [CBC]

Making the Stanley Cup playoffs is an 82 game grind from October to April and you need plenty of help along the way. Now into the second half of the season, a few teams need to go outside the organization to gear up for a playoff run. [ESPN]