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Check out this year’s Penguins All-Star jersey

A look at what Kris Letang and Tristan Jarry will be wearing later this month at the NHL All Star game

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The NHL recently released the 2020 all star game jerseys, and here’s what the Pittsburgh Penguins’ representatives will be wearing.

Tristan Jarry will be playing for the first time in his very first full NHL season, which is very exciting. Jarry leads the NHL in goals against average and save percentage and his super-athletic style should be a great fit for the high-tempo and wide-open three on three all star format.

Kris Letang is appearing in his sixth career NHL all star game, and third straight. Letang has become a staple, this will mark his six ASG out of the last eight all star games the league has held the event since 2011.

If these catch your eye and you’re interested, why not click this link and buy it through here? Pensburgh will get a small cut of it. The gray/silver striping (which is common for all the team’s jerseys) brings to mind a little bit of the “Robo Pens” jersey of the late 1990s that remains wildly popular in some circles, so you would have that going for you!