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Marc-Andre Fleury reunion with the Penguins seemingly off the table

The former Penguins netminder seems to be staying put in Las Vegas.

Vegas Golden Knights v Vancouver Canucks - Game Four Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

While the past few weeks seemed to suggest that a reunion between the Penguins and Marc-Andre Fleury might be in the cards, that no longer seems to the case.

On Monday evening, Vegas Golden Knights GM Kelly McCrimmon provided an update on the health of fellow Knights goaltender Robin Lehner, saying that he will undergo shoulder surgery, all but securing the fate of Fleury staying in Las Vegas and not going to be on the move.

McCrimmon confirmed this news later while addressing the media, saying that the team will not be trading Fleury.

McCrimmon also mentioned that Lehner is expected to ready for the start of training camp.

$12 million is a lot of money to pay two goaltenders. It will be interesting to see if this dynamic changes once the season starts and if Fleury could be on the move once both goaltenders are back in the lineup on a regular basis.