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Penguins draft goalie Calle Clang in the third round

The 2020 NHL draft continues with the Pens’ second pick of the day and it’s another goalie!

2020 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Ryan Yorgen/NHLI via Getty Images

After taking a goalie with their first pick in the second round, the Pittsburgh Penguins used their third round pick (77th overall) to select another goalie! This time it’s Calle Clang from Sweden.

He’s a 6’2 goalie.

Elite Prospects says:

He plays from his goal line out, rarely getting caught stranded too far from his crease and is difficult to beat around the posts or down low. He’s got a great read of the game and doesn’t seem to struggle with adapting to a stronger pace of play. He also recovers well when he does allow a tough goal.

Clang seems like a good goalie prospect, but considering the Pens obviously like their second round pick more, it’s very curious to keep adding European goaltenders to the mix. The prospect area is so thin at center, defense, wing, everywhere that I’m not really sure why their priority or the draft has broken to draft multiple goaltenders so high.

Pittsburgh is back at it in the fourth round and maybe, just maybe, on their way to draft a skater!