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Pens Points: Zuckerburgh

All signs are pointing to a return to NHL action in just over a month from now!

Pittsburgh Penguins v Anaheim Ducks Photo by Debora Robinson/NHLI via Getty Images

Good morning folks. As 2020 is finally coming to a merciful end, the new NHL season is quickly becoming more of a reality. Start your weekend off with your friends at Pensburgh in today’s Pens Points!

Penguins News:

When the Penguins acquired Jason Zucker from the Minnesota Wild, he was known equally for his off-ice antics as his on-ice success. He continued that tradition in Pittsburgh recently when he raised money with an auction with proceeds going to Athletes for Animals and #Give16 as well as donating gifts to children with much more stringent Covid-19 rules. [NHL]

As for his on-ice success, the Penguins acquired Zucker to extend their current window with higher end talent to mesh with the top-six. While Zucker may not have the name recognition of Phil Kessel or James Neal, he’s equally as important in his current role. [Puck Prose]

Ever since his first year in the NHL in 2005-06, Sidney Crosby has been one of the most dominant players in the league. If he can stay healthy this upcoming season, there’s no reason to think next year won’t be more of the same. [Trib Live]

With training camp just several weeks away and a possible regular season only a month away, here’s a big question for every forward for the Penguins heading into nest season from the PPG. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are three questions for the Penguins heading into next season, which surprisingly aren’t that different from the last few years in Pittsburgh. [NHL]

League News

Plenty of league news surrounding the new Divisions heading into next season. The only thing for certain right now is the seven Canadian teams will be in one division. The rest still needs to be sorted out. [WGR Buffalo]

Plenty of fan bases in the NHL aren’t too thrilled with the potential divisions. The Blues fans will have to show some dedication if the rumors are true with many games taking place with Pacific Time Zone start times. While it impacts their fans lives, it does not impact ratings as much as you’d expect. [STL Post-Dispatch]

Pensburgh’s own Adam Gretz shared his thouts with NBC Sports a few days ago. If the rumored Divisions hold true, the Buffalo Sabres longest current playoff draught has a very high probability of continuing once again. [NBC Sports]

The NHL ruffled a few feathers recently when it was reported that the league was interested in a private supply of Covid-19 vaccine. However, the league quickly came out to confirm the rumors but stated they will gladly wait in line and will only move forward with such plans if/when private distribution becomes available. [DeadSpin]

ESPN did a fun flash back to the glory days of Pro Beach Hockey. As a former Dek Hockey alumni, I’d be lying to say if I wasn’t more than a little intrigued with some of the gimmicks the PBH ran with during their glory days. [ESPN]