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You can still watch some Penguins hockey games on real life TV channels this week

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NBCSN and NHL Network are bringing back some good memories this week even though the NHL season is on hold

Stanley Cup Finals - Pittsburgh Penguins v Detroit Red Wings - Game Seven Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Penguins and the NHL (and, well, basically the world) might be on shutdown mode right now due to the coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch Pens games this week!

Here’s a schedule this week of games that will be on TV if you’re working or stuck at home and itching to have some Pens hockey back in your life.

...Maybe we should live-watch one of these games together, with a game thread and everything? Even recap it afterwards? Sounds like it could be a fun way to escape, definitely let me know if there’s interest in it!

Monday March 23 (today)

—none but NBCSN will have Game 7 OT thrillers on in the evening

Tuesday March 24

—7 PM: Playoff rivalries Game 3 vs Philadelphia on NBCSN (warning: this is not a pretty sight)

Wednesday March 25

—10 AM: “Raising the Cup: 1991 Stanley Cup Final” (Game 6 Pens vs. Minnesota North Stars), NHL Network

—12 noon: “Raising the Cup: 1992 Stanley Cup Final” (Game 4 Pens vs. Chicago Blackhawks), NHL Network

—3 PM: 2019 Stadium Series game Pens @ Philadelphia (Again, just no.) NBCSN

—6 PM: “Franchise Classics: 2016 Pens vs San Jose Sharks, Game 6”, NHL Network

—6 PM: 2008 Winter Classic Pittsburgh Penguins @ Buffalo Sabres, NBCSN

Thursday March 26

—3 PM: 2009 Stanley Cup Final, Game 7, Pens @ Detroit Red Wings, NBCSN (also being replayed at 11 PM)

Friday March 27


Saturday March 28

—8 PM: 2009 Game 2, Penguins @ Washington Capitals

—10 PM: 2016 Game 6, Washington Capitals @ Penguins (this is very good)

Sunday March 29

—12:30 AM: 2018 Game 6, Washington Capitals @ Penguins (go to sleep by now)

There will also be content on AT&T Sportsnet as well.

Some really great stuff that doesn’t get televised often; Wednesday at 6 PM is absolutely electric with the SJ Cup winning game and the picture-esque Buffalo outdoor game going down at the same time. Thank goodness for DVR’s that can record multiple channels at the once.

We may be all stuck in a crazy, unpredictable quarantinened world, but at least some great memories from the past will be on TV this week to help try and hold us over while the global pandemic continues to unfold. It’s a “better than nothing” type of situation.

Also a lot of these teams are in our Penguins Madness tournament to vote on the best team ever, so you can use these chances to go back and see just how good the teams of old were!

(stick tap to zman in the comments for pointing this out!)