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Sidney Crosby Takes Part in Zoom Conference Call During League Stoppage Due To Coronavirus

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The Penguins captain spoke to the media about the current state of things.

Carolina Hurricanes v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Joe Sargent/NHLI via Getty Images

Yesterday afternoon, Sidney Crosby took part in speaking to the media along with other Metropolitan Division players.

The Carolina HurricanesJordan Staal, the New York Rangers’ Marc Staal, and the Philadelphia FlyersClaude Giroux all took part in offering their thoughts on the current status of the league, with play suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The quotes were gathered by Pens Inside Scoop’s Sam Kasan.

Crosby is bang-on when mentioning that it’s something he’s never experienced before. Even during past work stoppages, the world was still moving along, this is a little different.

Here is where I picture Sidney Crosby trying to do a workout in his home that mimics skating.

Noted media consumer Kris Letang!

Just like the rest of us, the Penguins are using group chats and probably sharing hot takes and fire memes.

It’s interesting that he suggested a specific plan of how to start play when the league resumes.

Pour one out for the parents’ dryers around the tri-state area.

I’m sure Crosby misses getting hit with sticks too!

It’s nice to see the players take the time to chat when there isn’t anything else going on, really.