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A Look At Sidney Crosby: Baseball Player

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It’s baseball szn, folks.

Colorado Rockies v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

No, I’m not talking about the time Sidney Crosby hit a home run at PNC Park.

Or the time Crosby and other Penguins players played wiffle ball on the ice of then-named CONSOL Energy Center.

Today, I want to admire Sidney Crosby, the baseball legend, with a look back at some of his most memorable baseball-esque goals.

Crosby’s hand-eye coordination is second to none in the game. My favorite has to be the one scored against Carey Price and the Canadiens. Keep in mind, the puck is already in midair by the time Sid even gets a chance to get his stick on it.

The ability to have the puck make contact with a flimsy piece of wood, maneuver the puck off the stick, pay no mind to Jeff Petry, AND STILL beat a world-class goalie in Carey Price is unreal. This description doesn’t even do the goal justice. Take a look for yourself.

If this hockey thing never worked out for Crosby, actually playing baseball might have been a suitable career choice as well.

Let us know down below what your favorite Sidney Crosby baseball goal is!