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What would Sidney Crosby’s video game ability be?

NHL: MAR 08 Hurricanes at Penguins Photo by Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Continuing on with the video game theme this week, I wanted to hypothesize about what the captain’s most likely video game ability would be. There have been thousands of different abilities created in the medium throughout the years, ranging from the classic double jump to super strength.

But what ability best personifies the greatest hockey player in the world?

Time manipulation.

Being able to slow down time in the world around him, with the ability to see everything on the ice happening at a speed that not many players can reach. From the Matrix to Max Payne to Prince of Persia and the Red Dead Redemption series, the warping of time is seen throughout a variety of high profile games.

If Crosby wasn’t able to manipulate time, do you really think he would be able to do any of this:


Is there another ability video game that describes Sidney Crosby? Am I going crazy without Penguins hockey? Let me know in the comments!