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Pittsburgh Penguins Gordie Howe Hat Trick Club

Not the most-exclusive club, but certainly exclusive nonetheless.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Denis Brodeur/NHLI via Getty Images

The Gordie Howe Hat Trick. You’ve probably already heard of it before. But in case you haven’t, it’s named after the legendary Gordie Howe who was known to be one of the greatest players of all time. He scored goals, dished the puck, and also threw fists unlike no other before or since. Hence, the Gordie Howe Hat Trick - goal, assist and fight. It’s a little more deeper than that, but you get the idea.

According to hockey-reference Penguins game finder, it’s happened 46 times in the franchise’s history. The furthest back G.H.H.T. was from Orest Kindrachuk on October 11, 1980. Since then, 30 players have recorded the feat in the history of the Penguins.

Here’s The Club:

12-1-83, MNS, 6-4L
G, A, F (Brian Lawton)

4-4-04, WSH, 4-3W
G, A, F (Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre)

10-11-88, WSH, 8-7W
G, 2A, F (No player was penalized for WSH, and Brown was assessed a game misconduct. Sounds ugly.)
*Multiple G.H. Hat Tricks in this game for Pittsburgh

11-23-88, NYR, 8-2W
G, 2A, F (Brian Lawton)

12-27-89, NYR, 7-3W
G, 2A, F (Mark Hardy)

10-25-90, QUE, 6-3W
G, A, F (Everett Sanipass)

2-2-83, @CHI, 7-4L
2G, A, F (Denis Savard)

11-20-83, @PHI, 5-4OTL
2G, A, F (Ray Allison)

1-20-88, @CHI, 8-3W
3G, A, F (Dave Manson)
*Only player in Penguins history to record Hat Trick and G.H. Hat Trick in same game

1-30-88, CHI, 4-2W
G, 2A, F (Troy Murray)

10-11-88, WSH, 8-7W
G, 2A, F (Dale Hunter)
*Multiple G.H. Hat Tricks in this game

12-26-89, @WSH, 6-3L
G, A F (Stephen Leach)

12-18-90, WPG, 9-2W
G, A, F (Doug Evans; Evans recieved two for instigating and Coffey got two for slashing; also Jaromir Jagr and Scott Arniel [VAN] received Misconducts on the play.)

12-20-07, @BOS, 5-4SOW
G, 2A, F (Andrew Ference)

11-14-89, NYR, 6-0W
G, A, F (Kris King)

1-3-87, MTL, 6-3W
2G, A, F (Shayne Corson)

12-16-81, LAK, 7-6W
G, A, F (Mark Hardy)

3-28-87, @HAR, 5-4L
G, A, F (Scot Kleinendorst)

1-17-81, LAK, 5-4W
G, A, F (Jay Wells) (Also received a misconduct, and a game misconduct)

10-11-80, WPG, 5-4W
2G, 2A, F (Al Cameron)

1-19-85, CHI, 5-4W (GWG with 2:03 remaining in 3rd)
G, A, F (Marc Bergevin)

2-11-90, @PHI, 4-1W (GWG in 1st period)
G, A, F (Jeff Chychrun) (Both players received Game Misconducts)

5-7-13, @NYI, 6-4L
G, A, F (Travis Hamonic)
*Eastern Conference Quarter-Finals

3-8-17, @WPG, 7-4W
2G (GWG), A, F (Blake Wheeler)

11-14-82, @BUF, 6-6T
G, A, F (Mike Ramsey)

12-11-82, QUE, 7-4L
2G, A, F (Pierre Aubry)
*Anton, Marian and Peter Stastny combined for six goals and seven assists in the game.

11-30-85, NYR, 5-4W
G, A, F (Tom Laidlaw)

4-17-13, MTL, 6-4W
2G, A, F (P.K. Subban)

10-3-97, @CAR, 4-3W
G, A, F (Adam Burt)

10-31-81, BUF, 3-1W
G, A, F (Randy Cunneyworth)

12-8-88, @PHI, 4-3L
G, A, F (Kerry Huffman)
*Quinn and Huffman both received Game Misconducts, along with three more players on both teams. Both teams combined for 279 PIM (140 for Pittsburgh, 139 for Philadelphia.)

3-6-84, @NJD, 6-5L
G, A, F (Pat Verbeek)

2-27-96, @VAN, 7-4W
G, A, F (Gino Odjick)

2-24-02, WSH, 6-2W
G, A, F (Matt Pettinger)

12-12-86, TOR, 8-3W
G, A, F (Jeff Jackson)

4-13-00, @WSH, 7-0W
G, A, F (Andrei Nikolishin)
*Eastern Conference Quarter-Finals

3-7-96, OTT, 5-1W
G, A, F (Randy Cunneyworth)

3-5-91, VAN, 4-1W
G, A, F (Robert Dirk)

3-28-93, @WSH, 4-1W
G (GWG), A, F (Al Iafrate)

12-28-93, PHI, 4-4T
G, A, F (Garry Galley)

4-3-94, BOS, 6-2W
G, A, F (Brent Hughes)
*Game was played at the Coliseum in Richfield.

11-17-92, BUF, 4-2W
2G, A, F (Brad May)

11-23-92, @NYR, 5-2W
G, 2A, F (Kris King)

10-23-93, STL, 3-3T
G, A, F (Garth Butcher)

11-6-93, @LAK, 8-3L
G, A, F (Rob Murphy)

3-19-88, PHI, 7-0W
G, 3A, F (Don Nachbaur)
*First career goal, first career fight. Also scored the next night in Philadelphia.