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What are your favorite Pens games from 2019-20?

There are a lot of great games to choose from, but here a few truly memorable ones from the 2019-20 season.

NHL: JAN 19 Bruins at Penguins Photo by Justin Berl/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Before the NHL went on hold back in March, the Penguins had 69 games in the books and were in the home stretch of the 2019-20 season. Of those 69 games played, the Penguins were winners in 40 of those, some more memorable than the others. Now that the regular season is officially completed and in the history books, it feels like a good time to look back at some of our favorite games from the season.

For this exercise, I selected three games from the season as ones that really stick out as memorable for a variety of reasons. I hope you will join me and post your favorites in the comments. All of my games listed below happen to be Penguins victories, but your choices don’t have to be limited to just victories.

1/19/20: Crazy comeback against the Bruins

This was the game that helped me brainstorm the idea for this entire article. When thinking back on this season, this game keeps popping into my head as one of, if not the most memorable, the Penguins played. From trailing 3-0 in the first period to scoring four unanswered goals and rallying for the victory, this is one of those games that made you feel like the Penguins were a true contender.

Given all the problems the Penguins seem to have had with the Bruins in recent seasons, this comeback victory felt like a huge statement at the time and helped them continue to build momentum heading into the bye week.

2/2/20: First meeting with the Capitals ends with a W

It took over four months for the two rivals to meet this season but their season series sure did start off with a bang. There were Grade A chances for both the Penguins and Capitals throughout the game but both goaltenders were up to the task time and time again. This is the exact type of game fans expect when these two meet.

It just seems like every game between these two sides is competitive and exciting at this point. Both teams are so evenly matched that it feels like lopsided victories for either side are few and far between. This contest was no exception to that, and neither was the second meeting just three weeks later.

11/27/19: Thanksgiving Eve goalfest with the Canucks

I will freely admit that I have a soft spot for goaltender duels and may actually prefer that type of hockey compared to just outright offensive slugfests, but a true goal explosion every once and a while is good for the hockey fan’s soul. That’s exactly what the Penguins and Canucks provided with us on Thanksgiving Eve.

Perhaps you forgot, but this game was decidedly in the Canucks favor early in the third period before the Penguins mounted a massive comeback. Trailing 6-3 with less than 17 minutes left in the game, the Penguins scored the final five goals to erase the deficit and head into the holiday on a three game win streak.

So there you have it, a trifecta of my favorite games from the 2019-20 Penguins season. Are any of those your favorite as well? If not, what games would you put on your list for best of the season? There are plenty of games to choose from so drop them your picks in the comments.