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On this date in Penguins history: 2013 NHL Draft

On this date in 2013, the Penguins drafted Jake Guentzel and Tristan Jarry.

2013 NHL Draft - Portraits

On this date in 2013, the Penguins made six selections in the NHL Draft.

The two notable picks made by the Penguins in this draft were goaltender Tristan Jarry and forward Jake Guentzel.

After trading several picks, the Penguins would not have a pick until 44th overall in the second round. With this pick, the Penguins selected Tristan Jarry.

In the third round, with the 77th overall pick, the Penguins selected Jake Guentzel.

After spending several years in the AHL, Jarry would eventually make his way to Pittsburgh, now having played in over sixty games at the NHL level, registering 34 wins.

Guentzel would score two goals on his first two shots after being called up.

In the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Guentzel would score 13 goals and 21 points, tying all-time NHL rookie records.

With other picks in the draft, the Penguins selected:

  • Ryan Segalla, defenseman, 119th overall pick
  • Dane Birks, defenseman, 164th overall pick
  • Blaine Byron, center, 179th overall pick
  • Troy Josephs, winter, 209th overall pick