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Penguins/Montreal Canadiens TV schedule announced: how and where to watch

The NHL’s restart is getting real, find out how to check out the Pens when they play Montreal in the qualification round

Pittsburgh Penguins v Montreal Canadiens

Phase 4 of the NHL’s season restart is scheduled to start on Saturday August 1st. Clear the calendar for that day if you can, it’s primed to be a day of hockey like never before.

The Penguins will play the Montreal Canadiens in Game 1 of the qualification series at 8:00 — primetime baby! — on national, network TV, exclusive on NBC.

If you’re in the Pittsburgh viewing area, Games 2 and 3 will be broadcast on AT&T Sportsnet Pittsburgh, the Pens’ local cable affiliate, also at 8:00pm on Monday Aug 3rd and Wednesday Aug 5th. If you’re in America outside of the Pittsburgh viewing area, Games 2 and 3 will be covered on NBCSN.

If you’re in Canada, Game 1 on Saturday night is on CBC, Sportsnet and TVA. You’ll have to figure it out accordingly because I’m not well-versed in the Canadian broadcasting way, but if you live there you probably already know. And Pittsburgh-Montreal will probably be the opposite of difficult to find.

Oh, and one week from today, on Tuesday July 28th, the Pens play the Philadelphia Flyers in an exhibition game at 4:00pm. This will be carried on NBCSN as well.

All these plans are making it start to feel real!