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Pens Points: Changes are coming

Rutherford calls for changes in first media session since playoff flameout. All that and more in today’s Pens Points.

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Media Day Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Mid-August and no Penguins hockey to watch? It almost feels like some normalcy is returning to 2020. Kidding aside, I’m sure everyone here wishes there was still some Penguins hockey on to get us through the rest of the summer, but all we have to look forward to now is the draft in October.

Pens Points is here to start your Wednesday morning...

For the first time since the Penguins were eliminated, general manager Jim Rutherford spoke to the media on Monday. During his conference call, Rutherford let loose a few eye popping quotes about his team’s performance in the bubble. [Pensburgh]

If we learned anything about the Penguins from their qualifying series loss it’s what their weaknesses are and just how easy they are to expose. While glaring, having obvious holes makes the task of filling them easier when the retooling happens. [Pensburgh]

Although the Penguins are set to pick 15th in the upcoming NHL Draft, they do have the option of sending the pick to the Minnesota Wild to complete the Jason Zucker trade. From the look of it, the Penguins plan on keeping the pick for themselves. [Pensburgh]

Jim Rutherford called for major changes during his media session on Tuesday but it does not appears one will be at the head coaching position. According to a report from the Post-Gazette, Mike Sullivan will return as head coach next season. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Another change that will not be made during the offseason overhaul will be the trades of key core members Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Kris Letang. Rutherford was steadfast in saying he plans of keeping those three together to build around. [Bleacher Report]

While Monday night’s draft lottery was likely not fixed in favor of the Rangers, it can be fun to delve into the conspiracies from time to time. From weighted balls to using magnets, there were a plethora of ideas floating around social media. [Trib Live]

Credit where credit is due, the Montreal Canadiens had the perfect game plan to slow down the Penguins and win the series. That being said, there were still more than a few instances where the Penguins straight up beat themselves and resigned their own fate. [The Hockey Writers]

News and notes from around the NHL...

Starting right from the beginning, the NHL Draft Lottery was filled with chaos when it was revealed a team who made the postseason was going to have the top overall pick. Things only got more bizarre on Monday night when the Rangers came out on top. [SB Nation]

With the draft order now settled (at least 1-15), it’s time for mock drafts aplenty. There is still almost two months until the actual draft occurs, but it’s never a bad time for fans to learn a little about the prospects their team could take. [NHL]

As the NHL shifts into the next round of play so do the Vegas odds. With the field narrowed down to 16 sides, a few true contenders start to emerge but there are a few sides with rather tantalizing odds that might be worth a few bucks in you’re the betting type. [ESPN]

The first game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Columbus Blue Jackets may still be going on when you read, and as a result, caused the first game between the Bruins and Hurricanes to be delayed until 11 AM today. [ESPN]