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Learning more about Patrik Allvin, the Penguins new, interim GM

Who is the new boss?

2020 NHL Draft - Round 2-7 Photo by Ryan Yorgen/NHLI via Getty Images

After a surprise resignation by Jim Rutherford yesterday, the Penguins have at least temporarily turned the reigns of the general manager job over on an interim basis to Patrik Allvin.

You would be excused to not know too much about Allvin, even though he has been in the Pens organization for the last 15 years. However, the past few months have seen a meteoric rise is job duties and titles for 46-year old the native of Sweden.

Allvin worked as a European scout for the Montreal Canadiens from 2002-06, at which point he made a lateral move to join the Pens organization with the same job title from 2006-12. In 2012 Allvin was promoted to be Pittsburgh’s director of European scouting, a position he held from 2012-17. In 2017 Allvin received another promotion to become the director of scouting overall for the entire organization.

“We are very fortunate to have Patrik on our staff to make this an easy transition,” Rutherford said in 2017. “He is a terrific judge of talent, and he has the leadership qualities to lead our amateur scouting department into the future.”

Allvin remained in charge of scouting until October 2020 when he took another step up to become an assistant general manager.

Just a few months later, he’s now thrust into the top seat as the interim general manager, as the Pens search for a full time manager. As can be expected from a fairly young employee rising up the ranks quickly, especially in the last few years, Allvin has impressed his superiors at every step of the way.

“[Allvin] has been with the organization for 15 years,” Pens CEO and President David Morehouse said yesterday. “He has progressed pretty quickly through the ranks... He’s very smart and very well-respected in the hockey community. He will be considered among the candidates [for GM].”

Morehouse also indicated that Allvin has some in house backup, if he needs it.

“He’s going to have full authority. He’s also going to have Mario Lemieux as a backup. So I think we’re okay in that area.”

At this point of the season, the job for the 2021 Penguins is basically done. In season trades and the trade deadline present a chance to put a finishing touch on the team or attempt to add a key piece or element that they need, but as Morehouse pointed out, Pittsburgh is basically set for the season that they have already embarked upon.

Rutherford is now gone, but his impact will long be felt, for this season and many more to come. A lasting piece will be the six year contract extension for John Marino, which doesn’t even kick in until next season.

“We think the team Jim put on the ice is a team that can compete and can win. We think our coaching staff is a staff that can get them there. For right now, we’re just playing hockey and I think that’s coming together.”

For now, it will be Allvin’s job to monitor how the Pens’ season does end up going, and what they need to do in order to best try and compete for another championship. There’s a new general manager, but the team’s mission and goal very much remains the same as it was before Rutherford’s abrupt resignation.

“The criteria is the same we’ve had for the last almost 15 years,” Morehouse said. “It’s to win the Stanley Cup.”