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PensBurgh Podcast: Should the Penguins consider a reset?

The resignation of now-former GM Jim Rutherford still leaves more questions than answers. What is the path forward for the Penguins?

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The last seven days have brought with them change at all levels of the ice for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Remember when not having enough healthy defensemen was the Penguins’ biggest issue? Me too. Now, ex-GM Jim Rutherford has unexpectedly resigned, leaving the Penguins in a mad dash to try and reorganize their front office well into the 2021 season.

With one of the longest episodes of the PensBurgh Podcast to date, Frank and I touched on a myriad of topics, from the blue line being held together with glue and duct tape, to the bombshell announcement of Jim Rutherford’s resignation.

We kicked off the show with an abbreviated recap segment of the games against the Rangers (4-3 SOW), Rangers (3-2 W), Bruins (3-2 OTL), and Bruins (4-1 L).

The majority of this week’s episode is dedicated to analyzing GMJR’s resignation, what may have led it it, his legacy as Penguins GM, and what the team will look to do in a post-Rutherford era.

And of course, the always-fun mailbag segment was also loaded with seven very exciting and hot-take-inducing questions like:

  • What are the most underrated, overrated, favorite, and least favorite Jim Rutherford moves.
  • How much more time do the Penguins have to get things firing on all cylinders before it’s too late? With this in mind and GMJR now gone, are more big changes to follow?
  • How would we build the ideal hockey player? Zdeno Chara’s size? Connor McDavid’s speed? Alex Ovechkin’s shot? Possibilities are endless!
  • Whether or not the resignation of GMJR will suddenly inspire Mario Lemieux to take a hard look at a combination owner/GM position?
  • Would trading Kris Letang bring with it any value in return? Or is it best to let him figure out his issues and hope he rights the ship?
  • Does Patrik Allvin show any signs of utilizing the Penguins’ analytics staff?
  • Can anyone give Pierre-Olivier Joseph a snappy nickname, something like PO-Joe?

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