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Brandon Tanev kicks off 2020-21 season with fun official headshot

The Penguins winger is going into his second year with the team.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Everyone remembers the players who have fun official team headshots.

We all remember the evolution of Brent Burns over the years.

While these weren’t necessarily “fun” on their own, they were still memorable.

Now, the Penguins have one of their own with a fun headshot to add to the mix with Brandon Tanev.

I’m not quite sure what exactly is going on here, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Perhaps Tanev was blinded by the flash? Maybe he didn’t care for a do-over? Maybe it was on purpose. The world may never know.

Tanev is going into his second year with the Penguins.

Last summer, he signed a six-year deal that carries a $3.5M AAV on the salary cap.

He led he team with 244 hits last season, with one other notable achievement last year being only the second player in team history to score a shorthanded overtime goal, which was also his first as a Penguin. The only other player in the team history to do that? Mario Lemieux.