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Mike Sullivan becomes winningest coach in Penguins franchise history

Last night’s win over the Blackhawks gave Sullivan his 253rd win as coach.

Ottawa Senators v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Joe Sargent/NHLI via Getty Images

When the Penguins closed out last night’s game against the Blackhawks with a victory, it meant a 2-0-1 start for the team, but for head coach Mike Sullivan, it meant more.

The win over Chicago gave Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan his 253rd win as coach, making him the winningest coach in franchise history.

With the win, Sullivan moved over former head coach Dan Bylsma.

Sullivan spoke about Bylsma’s tenure as head coach, saying that he has a ‘ton of respect for his coaching ability; and that he ‘thought he did a great job’ with the team as head coach.

The Penguins head coach top-10 win records now stand as follows:

  • Mike Sullivan, 253 wins
  • Dan Bylsma, 252 wins
  • Eddie Johnston, 232 wins
  • Michel Therrien, 135 wins
  • Scotty Bowman, 95 wins
  • Johnny Wilson, 91 wins
  • Red Kelly, 90 wins
  • Bob Berry, 88 wins
  • Kevin Constantine, 86 wins
  • Ken Schinkel, 83 wins

Sullivan, Bylsma, Bowman, and Bob Johnson (not included in the top ten in wins) are among coaches in the organization to also have won the Stanley Cup.