Not going to be able to watch all the games this year?

Being a longtime subscriber to NHL.TV (and NHL Gamecenter before that) it was great watching (mostly) every Penguins game played every year (except for the times when the Penguins were playing a local team, Rangers or Bruins, on the rare occasion that they'd broadcast those Nationally on NHL Network which would in turn black me out for some insane reason or when NHL.TV had a glitch that suddenly made the Islanders a supposed local team even though there was no way to get their local station here...). I had a sinking feeling when NBC lost their rights to ESPN (themselves a shitty local network... I'm from CT you see) and discontinued NHL.TV, had me worried about how I would be able to watch all of the games. So fast forward to today, where I just bit the bullet and bought Disney+/ESPN+/Hulu package thinking I'd be able to stream all the (non-local) Penguins games and it looks like only 13(!) out of 82 games are being streamed? No games in November at all? 1 in December? 1 in January? What the F#@! is going on here? How can I watch the Penguins play hockey this year? I obviously don't mind paying the NHL to watch all of the games... but now ESPN won't let me? This is on top of the fact that the stupid Rangers network, MSG is greedy and won't allow their games to be played on the only cable company in my area, Xfinity, due to some rights negotiating issues... so even half of the local games that I could watch are not even available to me this year. Someone help!

-Sad CT Penguins Fan

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