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Remember — tomorrow night’s Pens/Caps game is streaming only

Welcome to the new age: no broadcast television feed tomorrow night for Penguins/Capitals

NHL: NOV 14 Penguins at Capitals Photo by Tony Quinn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Consider this a public service announcement/reminder — there is no television feed in America for the Penguins/Capitals game tomorrow night.

If you read that and went, “huh?” or maybe made a Tim ‘the Toolman’ Taylor style grunt, then chances are you forgot (like I did) this season’s NHL television split.

As we wrote in September:

The biggest change for traditional viewers will be the four games that will only be shown on the ESPN+ platform. These games will be streaming only and viewers will need an ESPN+ or Hulu subscription for the games on December 10th, January 6th, April 7th and April 26th. It should come as little surprise that the ESPN+ schedule includes some of the biggest games, featuring the Pens playing their rivals in Washington, Philadelphia, the Rangers and also Edmonton.

Well, whaddya know, tomorrow is December 10th. There is no typical local AT&T Sportsnet broadcast with Steve Mears and Bob Errey on the good, old fashioned teevee, the game is only available through streaming.

You gotta have an ESPN+ or Hulu account in order to get up and running, so maybe today it would be a good idea to get all your ducks in a row and get everything signed up, setup and ready to go if you need to. Would suck at like 7:01 if you try to tune in before the puck drop only to see that you can’t find the game on a normal channel.

The good news is that things go back to normal on Saturday night, when the Pens play the Anaheim Ducks. But in the new age and future, as a hockey fan you’re going to have to get used to games like tomorrow when traditional broadcast TV is out, and online streaming services are in.