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31 Thoughts: Pens made calls on Marc-Andre Fleury, Vegas owner says ‘thanks, but no thanks’

Bill Foley reportedly put the hammer down on any trade chatter involving Vegas and the former Penguins net minder.

Vegas Golden Knights v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

According to one new report, the chatter about the Penguins having made calls on Marc-Andre Fleury appear to be closer to the truth that many may have realized.

In Elliotte Friedman’s 31 Thoughts column this week, the topic came up.

27. Really good interview on Andy Strickland and Cam Janssen’s podcast with Vegas owner Bill Foley, who revealed what had been suspected: He does not want Marc-Andre Fleury traded.

“He never came close to being part of a deal,” Foley said. “I would’ve had a big problem with it if that had been presented to me.”

I do think Pittsburgh tried hard through another team and thought they were close, but if the owner says no — it’s not close.

It’s not all that surprising to me that he Penguins did try to make it work, as goaltending was quite the conundrum to start the season.

The main takeaway here though, is that if Bill Foley said no, the answer is gonna be no regardless who is asking, in my opinion.

That in itself is not surprising either, given how Fleury was the pseudo face of the franchise from the beginning, not to mention his quality of play this season.

For now, this all seems like an afterthought, anyways, as Tristan Jarry seems to have found his game.