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Sunday Standings: COVID strikes the Eastern Division

The update this week is that there’s not much of an update from last week as cancellations rear its ugly head

NHL: FEB 05 Bruins at Flyers

On Sundays, we check in on the Eastern division to see and recap the events of the past week. Here’s how the standings look this morning:

And here’s the records of the week:

Boston 3-0-0
Philadelphia: 1-1-1
Washington: 0-2-0
Pittsburgh: 0-2-0
New Jersey: 1-0-0
New York Islanders: 1-0-1
New York Rangers: 2-0-0
Buffalo: 0-1-0

The main thing you notice above is that there just haven’t been many games played. Due to major COVID issues for New Jersey and later Buffalo, the Penguins and Islanders got caught up getting some games canceled, which in essence wiped out half of the division for most of the week.

Besides that and for actual on ice play, the major story has been the rise of the Bruins. Their three wins this week came against Washington (1) and Philly (2). Add in two more wins against the Pens and Boston has certainly established themselves early as the team to beat in the division. The B’s are an impressive 5-0-1 against WSH/PHI/PIT this season, in case their was any doubt how they would do joining the mostly Metro division from last year.

It was a good week for the Rangers as well, to beat the Pens and Caps and draw themselves out of the basement and closer to the pack. After dropping Tony DeAngelo, will their fortunes change and NYR come to life and gain some momentum moving forward?

This was a “back to the pack” week, for everyone other than Boston. PHI+WSH+PIT went a combined 1-5-1, and the teams right under them in NJD+NYI+NYR went 4-0-1. That will help bring the teams together to go into another week.

For the Pens, it will be a light week. They play NYI on Thursday in another crucial matchup and then gear up for busier times ahead. For now though, the division and league will continue to watch with bated breath about the ongoing virus situation.